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Annecy 2023

In the vibrant Al Balad neighborhood of Jeddah in the 1980s, Saleeg tells the heartwarming tale of an elderly person who finds an opportunity to connect with their diverse neighbors through a pan of rice.

The entire story is a labor of love, crafted in-house at 5 A.M. with dedication and passion. Every aspect of the production, from pre- to post-production, is carefully handcrafted. The team meticulously creates puppets, props, and sets, bringing the story to life with creativity and ingenuity. In this collaborative effort, the diverse talents and skills of the team members contribute to the beautiful tapestry of Saleeg.

5 A.M: animation / sets / props / puppets / post
Production: Cinepoetics Pictures
Copyright © Cinepoetics Pictures, 2022

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