New Look for Lion
New Look for Lion

New Look for Lion

The Lion is invited to a party and wants to look perfect, so he decides to get a special haircut for his massive manes. With so many excellent barbers in town – Zebra, Antelope, Elephant, Parrot, Flamingo, and Buffalo – he tries one after the other to find the ideal style. However, he ends up feeling confused and dissatisfied. On his way to the party, an unexpected rain shower washes away his carefully styled hair, but to his surprise, he discovered that he looks his best when he embraces his natural appearance.

5 A.M: Puppet building
Direction: Ana Shubinidze
Script: Ana Shubinidze / Avaliani Giorgi
Runtime: 7 min
Audience: 3+, family, all audiences
Production: Folimage, Pocket Studio, Family Affair Films

Year of production: 2024